Family of 3

Family of 3
Jerrod, Hayes...and of course, ME!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here Goes Nothing....

   Well...after being obsessed with other blogs and wishing, "I wish I had time to have a blog" I go. I have a blog now...if I can just keep it up!!! I love the idea of telling people what I think or sharing the important things in my life, even if NO person on this earth even cares at all!! :)
   From simple pleasure of a small country town (if you can call Echo a town) to the booming excitement of our little family of 3, I hope to use this blog as a way to capture the true happiness of my life!

   Starting with the most recent fun-filled day! This past month on March 29, 2011, my little sunshine celebrated his 2nd birthday!! My oh time flies! Hayes Cotton came into this world on a stormy Sunday night....he was stubborn from the beginning!! After being in the hospital since Friday night and being induced.....he still did not want to make his 9 lbs. appearance just yet! Finally after dilating to 9 cm and waiting and waiting and waiting....I stopped dilating and stopped having contractions, which led to the decision of a C-Section. Although not what I had wanted, 2 days of laying in a bed in pain....I opted for the obvious!
   That weekend was so very memorable and I am sure most of you have not forgotten....RAINY...maybe I should say FLOODING! The parking lot of Flowers Hospital actually had so much rain in so little time, that the parking lot was under water and cars were having to be moved!! (YES....our family is known for doing special events in BAD weather....if you don't know the family history...I will fill you in on this later) :)

  It has been 2 years filled with lots of sleepless nights...but a wonderful 2 years that was celebrated with a Farm theme party with all of our family and friends!!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17

Hayes's Really Cute Farm Cake (and the hubby in the background helping out) :)

Tables with Daisy centerpieces ....(and the ugly rain clouds above)

Watering Hole ( Bottled Water) :)

Party Favors..."Thanks for coming to my farm"
Table Centerpiece
Chicken Feed...(aka...Chex Mix)
Hayes, cousin MaLaney and Best Friend Riley!!! Hayes & Laney in their cute appliqued outfits!! :) Thanks Nanny!
So proud of the banner that I made!!! Turned out really cute!!!
Although, at the beginning of the party, there were rain clouds all around....the sun came out (even enough for Hayes to find some sunglasses!)